My business journey wasn't always easy

i've walked in those hard-working boots

And felt that same stress and strain of unfulfillment and burnout

How did my dream become a nightmare? I was feeling the same stress and strain and on my way to burnout from my business that I loved.

I was stuck in an archaic business model that wasn't working anymore.

So I decided to make it my mission to break free from business as usual and create a new BEYOND Common Business Model - one that would light my soul on fire and see my work reach thousands of women, and create extraordinary transformation for my clients, just like you.

Today I write books, create online courses, run mastermind events, and speak on state. I show entrepreneurs and business owners how to use the BEYOND Common Essentials to run a successful business. I'm on a mission to serve 10,000 women who can benefit from my training and teachings so that they can live life and design their businesses on their own terms also.

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